GBJam #4


Asroth is the result of a week of work in a procedurally generated shooter platformer highly based in SNES jewel Demon’s Crest, with all respects. The game features a nice variety of shoot types that you can buy as well as other upgrades that enhance your flying abilities. The code for the generator called platgen can be found in a separated repository.

Ludum Dare #35

Pheestrew Quest

Pheestrew is a mix of rogelike and classic JRPG where you are a random hick called Pheestrew that has some elemental abilities. The game features abilities that are upgraded and requires a bit of thinking to pass through higher levels easily. Generally there are weakening abilities that ease your way through random battles. The objective is to collect the necessary gems and pass through all levels (but it’s infinite).

Character and enemy anims by jorgefdz. Music and sfx by rolemusic

Linux Game Jam 2018

Laser Temple

Help a crew of members to solve puzzles from an alien temple in order to reach their ship. This puzzle game got very good impressions at the jam and will probably be released at some point. The instructions are in game, so there’s no need to explain.

ludum dare #41


The rise of the elementals, a prophecy spread by word of mouth among people of Lodenia, but unlike most prophecies, this one has come to be true. But fear not, my child, since the ancient dragon knight will arise from the heart of the planet to overcome the evil menace of the machines. In this game you need to resolve a sequence of stars by killing enemies of the same color. Graphics by TheMiwes

Ludum Dare #34


In Retrovirus you incarnate a Virus that has to pass through all nodes in an organism. You have to be careful with the stealth, so that you are not detected by antibodies and can go your way easily through all the levels. I managed to build an editor so that team members could work on maps easily and quickly.

Graphics by nosgoth and jorgefdz. Sfx and music by V4N171N06.

Familiar Game Jam #5

Sreda Vniecaps

Sreda Vniecaps is an inverted space invaders with a very intrincate story where you take control of alien ships. Take your way through 3 levels facing the (maybe) enemy humans. Bored of earning points in arcade games that doesn’t have any use? no problem, you can waste your points in upgrading shields or shoot, or even regenerating destroyed ships.

Graphics by jorgefdz. Music by rolemusic. Title screen art by jjbernal.

Familiar Game Jam #6


Digistruct was an experimental game somehow based on Factorio. It mixes clicker and strategy/construction genres where you have to just gather resources. There are two type of materials to collect and power plants are needed. There are also powerups that you can buy throughout the game to enhance your gathering.

Graphics by jorgefdz. Music by rolemusic.

Familiar Game Jam #3


Ragequit tries to present a full-adrenaline experience by incarnating a random german guy who just lost his Unreal game. Guide this guy with the company of his loving keyboard to hug all people in the street.

Graphics by jorgefdz. Music and tutorial by rolemusic.

Ludum Dare #33


Sefivm features battles with a pokemon-like system of weakness and strengths and generated abilities. This game was done in a single day because I didn’t have time for more, and even the enemy being a single one, its type changes, but it’s up to you to discover its affinities.

AIJam 2015


As the title of the jam suggests, the goal of this game was to try some AI techniques. The ones being tested here are map generation and flock based AI movement. Sprites are simple but I managed to put some cool effects in the game so that it didn’t seem so austere. Also asked jorgefdz for a title screen art.

fully playable prototype

Patriar Crush

Even being a prototype, the game is fully playable and enjoyable, just as a no-brainer match3 where you just make lines. This game was started as an entry for the Familiar Game Jam #8, but I did not submit it because of its simplicity and incoherency with the theme. The game is a joke about the famous spanish brand of polvorones and mantecados, El Patriarca, and it themes its products. The best one is the one with the blue and white wrap, the Pequibom.

Godot Game Jam

Razor X

Game made with godot to test the engine. The game consists in going through high speed and earning points by racing through the blue tiles before time is over. Simple.



At Miniray you are a hacker inside a virtual world who has to go his way through levels. I ended up decoupling the engine from this, who was called GLRayFW, because of the nature of the games that can be done with it: Wolfenstein3D-like games. I also used it to learn a bit of modern OpenGL. The game is in a very early stage although it was started long ago. I really plan on retaking this one in a future.

Weapon by jorgefdx.



This game was started for the LibGDX game jam, but the aim was too high and it is unfinished, so this ended up being a nice prototype of a procedurally generated metroidvania with constraints based on abilities that need to be adquired during the game. Rooms are created with Tiled and loaded and placed depending on the constraints for each room.

Ludum Dare #31


Here you are a girl in front of her nightmares who has to shoot her way through them using three very different powers. I truly remember this game with special affect, maybe because it was the first single man army jam game I made.



Featuring a story of an alien frog regular cycle of life through two adrenaline-full short games. I strongly recommend trying this game and just hyping for a while. I started this game to learn about Lua/Love2D and shaders, and ended up adding the second part quite later in time.

Ludum Dare #32

Terroba Run

In this game you incarnate a corrupt politician who has to bribe his way to get out of the country. It was made in a TBOI way with a generated map layout where the rooms are always the same. I took this project to learn haxe and luxe. Graphics by jjbernal.



StarShipKillers started as an experiment and it has stayed as that without being finished. The idea was to have some kind of hybrid control where you can move a ship like in any shoot’em’up game but also having the ability to scroll the window as you wish with the mouse. Thanks to jorgefdz for the big enemy mothership and nosgoth for the smaller enemy ship. It would be nice to continue this one in the future.

usable framework prototype


Ragman is just some kind of incomplete pacman clone made to test some AI techniques. The idea was to have a framework where people could implement its own AIs, and it is quite finished: even has A* working and a nice interface to interact with game elements. This was one of my first game projects.

very early prototype


This game is unfinished. Has been a testbed for many of my side projects like SECS or Hadron collision engine. Currently there is only map generation but the whole game is planned and will be continued some day, since it’s still not abandoned.


Bag Guy

Travel with Bag Guy to fetch the Sacred Chalice in this one-level platformer! Funny thing about this jam is this is the second only submission, apart from the organizer one. Music by rolemusic.

LowRezJam 2016

The Vaker

Okay, this game was just a joke, but thanks to rolemusic that made the graphics, sfx and the music, the game ended up being very complete. Just keep in mind that the game was made in one hour.

Familiar Game Jam #7

Dash Maker

Game where you have to go all the way through a plain track by pressing two keys without crashing in the final railing. Unlock all 3 bikes and 3 tracks to complete the full game and remember to dash before the trail!

Music and sfx by Whatsapp Monkey.


RazorX GB

This is a very simple game boy version of RazorX. Was not submitted to the jam and don’t have any build currently, but I promise I will post it :)



CARdieMAN is a simple game I made for a class assignment which is published in the Google Play Store just because someone else tried to do it on its own. The game is very simple, you just have to jump over all hazards you’ll get in your way: cars, skaters and even UFOs.


Heal Me!

Very simple game made in a few hours for the TINS2017 competition, an allegro oriented game jam.


Throwing Throwies

Throwies born to be thrown. Very silly and annoying game I did to test some phaser capabilities. Please, don’t even play this if you don’t want to cry for the rest of the day. In case you want, throw with left mouse button.

Familiar Game Jam #4

Picando hasta el amanecer

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