I am Alejandro Seguí Díaz, hobbyist game developer and a C++ fanboy. I love to create videogames and working on everything related to them in my spare time: artificial intelligence, procedural generation, 3D/2D graphics, mechanics design, game design documents.

I also like to try new frameworks and libraries to develop these games, or developing my own frameworks trying new approaches and practicing. I use to have personal projects always rolling around. I have participated in a good bunch of game jams using Allegro, SDL, LibGDX, Löve2D or Unity3D among other techs. When needed, I can also draw a few ugly sprites or compose some dumb and short loops.

Among my development interests you can also find computer vision and general purpose artificial intelligence. I have mainly worked with C++ using CMake and GNU toolchain, but other strengths are C#, Lua, Java and Python.

My working experience is varied: C++ development, full stack web applications and game development. Feel free to check my resume for more information on this.